Tournament Quality Marabou Jig - Black (2)


Hand-tied marabou jigs with chip resistant, painted and coated heads and a black round bend Gamakatsu hook. This is the ultimate marabou jig for finesse fishing. All are lead-free and environmentally friendly.

The lighter jigs are especially designed for tournament or trophy bass and walleye fishermen using a "float and fly" or other subtle presentations. The heavier jigs are great for bass, walleye, steelhead and salmon fishing using more traditional methods.

How to fish it

"Float and Fly" - During colder months Smallmouth, Kentuckies, and Largemouths often suspend away from the bank in depths ranging from 10-20 feet deep.  They are inactive and rarely feed unless presented with easy opportunities.

One proven method is to attach a small (1/16 – 1/8 oz.) marabou jig to a bobber.   Set the depth at 9-12 feet deep.  The line from the bobber to the jig should be 4-6 pound test.  The rig is most easily thrown using a long medium action spinning rod.

Try holding your boat 50-100 yards from the bank and casting toward the bank.  Jiggle the float by twitching the rod as you slowly retrieve the rig by reeling.  Stop every few feet and let the float sit still for a few seconds.