Maribou Jigs - Trout Combo

The deadly technique of floating a micro jig beneath a small adjustable clear bubble for trout or panfish is now available with one purchase. This combo package contains a 1/50 oz. sculpin olive / peach marabou jig, a 1/125 oz. olive marabou jig, and an adjustable casting bubble that will not crimp your line and can be set for any depth. Lead-free and environmentally friendly.

How to fish it

Insert your line through the tapered end of the float and out through the large end of the float. Then tie the marabou jig on your line and position the float on the line at the desired depth. Pull lightly on the stem at the large end of the float so that the surgical tubing stretches, then twist the stem (which will twist the tubing) and push it back into the float with the twists intact. To adjust depth, untwist the tubing and stem and pull the line through the tubing.