Marabou Jig - Black (2)

Hand-tied with the finest quality marabou available. Heads are painted with high quality epoxy paint then clear coated (with optional colored metal flake) for an incredibly chip resistant finish. Lead-free and environmentally friendly.

How to fish it

Method 1 - Suspend a small Marabou Jig (1/125 oz. or 1/50oz.) below a clear float or strike indicator and let the jig drift downstream with the wind or current or just let it sit still.  Sometimes popping the jig and float and hesitating between pops is effective. 

Method 2 - Attach a Marabou Jig to 2-4 pound line and cast it across the current.  Let the Jig fall for a few seconds then pop your wrist (the jig will jump up) and let it fall again. Watch your line - the strike always occurs on the fall.