How to Spin Fish for Trout with a Marabou Jig

Spool a light or ultra-light spinning reel with 2-3 pound test clear or green monofilament line (I prefer Maxima or P-line). Not filling the spool quite all the way to the top will help prevent loops of line on the spool when fishing.

Tie on a PJ’s marabou jig. The best all-around size for low and high water conditions is a 1/16 oz. jig. Start with the darker colors (blacks, brown or olives). They are generally more dependable. You can down-size to a 1/32 oz. jig if the water is low, the sun is high, there is little wind, and the bite is slow. You can up-size to a 3/32 oz. or 1/8 oz. jig when the river is very high and the current is strong. Set the drag on your reel very light.

Cast across the current and let the jig drop for a few seconds (the length of time of the drop depends on the weight of the jig, current flow and water depth). Use your elbow as the pivot point and pop your forearm upward causing the jig to jump up several feet while in the water. This will attract the fish, but the strike always occurs as the jig drops.

Watch your line where it meets the water for the slightest “tick” to the side as the jig drops. You will almost never feel a strike. Again the fish hit the jig as it drops. If you repeat the whole process the next jerk of your forearm upward will act as a hookset if a fish has taken the jig. If not, the jerk will serve to again move the jig upward and toward you.  Then you let the jig drop back down again. You can real in slack line immediately after each jerk.

- Jim

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