Weedless Grub / Worm Head - Watermelon Seed (5)


A dome shaped grub head with painted and clear coated (with colored metal flake) head and collar, two prongs, a black round bend, thin wire Gamakatsu hook and a flexible painted and clear coated weed guard. Colors match most popular soft plastic baits.

How to fish it

Crawling a Grub - Put your favorite grub on a matching weedless head and fish pea gravel and chunk rock banks. Throw toward the bank and then crawl the grub on the bottom very slowly toward the boat by pulling it with your rod tip. Keep your rod tip low. When the grub hangs on a rock, give it slack and jerk the rod tip upward “hopping” the grub over the rock.

Fish the grub on a medium weight spinning rod with 8 pound line.

Dragging a Grub - Put your favorite grub on a matching weedless grub head (use the heaviest head you have). Use a medium to heavy spin or bait casting rod with 10 pound line.

Cast the grub behind the boat and let out a lot of line. Use the wind and the trolling motor to “drag” the grub slowly along the bottom. Keep the grub on the bottom. Keep rod tip low and to the side to allow room to “sweep set” the hook in case of a strike. This method works best on pea gravel bottoms with gentle slopes.