Football Jig - June Bug Sculpin


Scores of major tournament victories, including five FLW wins. These unique jigs were designed by a tournament fisherman and are made with silicon skirts on our premier football head. They are hand-tied and come with a matching fiber weed guard and a custom made Gamakatsu 60 degree wide gap, flat eye hook. They are painted and clear coated with flake and red and black eyes. The jig has a keeper prong for holding your favorite soft plastic trailer in place.

How to fish it

“Dragging” a Football Jig - Tip a Football Jig with your favorite soft plastic trailer and fish it on 10-15 pound line. Let it go to the bottom and use the wind or your tolling motor to “drag” the jig (do not hop it) along the bottom behind the boat.  Keep the jig on the bottom. This method is most effective on sloping gravel bottoms in 10-40 feet depths.